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When I joined the dating site. I knew there would be weirdos and freaks. The top three insane requests I got 1. A guy asked if I could wear a adult nappy. Do my business in it for him to change. 2. A guy asked if I would have sex with him and nine mates. 3. A guy as if I would fuck him naked in a busy parking lot on the bonnet of his car.

All I said no to by the way. Then I met Ian. He was married. 54 Tall handsome. He had a fantasy about meeting a jogger in the park and going to a secluded spot and fucking her. I agreed. So I wore my Black and Pink running Active wear my sports bra and singlet. I do a lot of running.

Party sex video It was 4 pm running down the path and seeing him walking. He smiled at me as I ran past. I stopped and turned around and said hi. We had never meet. After a about five minutes we held hands and walked down a small track to a secluded spot in the bush’s. We kissed and fondled. I reached to his groin feeling his hard cock. He smiled as I pulled it out stroking it then slipping it into my mouth.

I sucked it as he held my head groaning. After a while he cum. I sucked it off his cock I stood kissing him. He told me he’d never had sex with daughter  apart from his wife. He had a daughter my age. He loved my body. He lifted my top and caressed my bust. He lifted my bra exposing my breasts He sucked them as he caressed my arse. I sat down. He pulled down my active wear pants.

The tight knee length lycra peeled off my body. He then removed my underwear revealing my shaved pussy. I opened my legs as he licked my clit tasting my sweet pussy with my juices. After a few minutes he slid his cock into me thrusting me hard. I sat back on the uncomfortable log as he thrust in and out of my pussy listening to me groin. I could hear people in the distance as we fucked. Moments later he cum inside me. He stood up and I sucked his cock clean. He asked if he could keep my underwear. I said yes. school sex We dressed and I jogged off home and he went his way with my underwear in his pocket.

I got home and took of my cum soaked lycra active wear and showered. I dressed into a short sleeveless black dress with black stockings and red and black high heels. I put on make up and straightened my hair. I went into town for dinner with girlfriends Party sex video.

I saw him with his wife having dinner as well about two tables away. I saw him get up to go to the men’s room. He went down the hallway. I felt horny. I got up excusing myself. I followed him into the toilet. ” Hi ” he said ” Fuck me ” I replied pushing him into a stall. He sat pulling his cock out. I dropped my stockings and underwear turning my back to him sitting on his cock. I rode him for a fee minutes until he cum. I got off and dressed. I kissed his lip and walked out quietly to the lady’s and composed myself walking back out to the restaurant seeing him again with his wife. His cum inside me.

Date: December 16, 2018