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I sat on the worktop, watching him doing as I told him. Luckily, he had been there enough times to know where to get what I wanted. Luckily for him, ‘cause I wouldn’t have tolerated delays.

After I finished my water, I smiled at him. He got closer, and I’m sure he would’ve kissed me if i wouldn’t have slapped him across his face. HOW DARE HIM TRYING TO TOUCH ME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION?

He touched his face and looked at me, but there was no anger in his eyes. Just… Humiliation and neediness. I had to make an effort not to smile. He was mine unprotected sex during period.

“You will only touch me when I give permission to, Adam.” He just nodded, ashamed for his insolence. “Now, I am going to order some sushi and you’ll pay for that, got it?” Again, just nodded, but his visible bonner was the answer I needed. Well, we has way more submissive that what I thought. “Give me your wallet.”

“Yes, Miss…”

He did it such in a hurry that his wallet almost fell to the floor. I took a look inside and, without hesitation, I took all the cash. The sole image of his now empty wallet, made me soaking wet. And when I gave it back to him, I realized he was harder than ever. Oh, he would like being my cashbitch. “Great… Now I’ll go watch some T.V while you rub my feetunprotected sex during period.”

And he did… Oh, and he did many more things that soon I’ll write down for you. I took everything away from him, just as he deserved. But he liked it. He loved worshiping me.

Date: December 16, 2018