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Sam had always hated hospitals. He sometimes had panic attacks when he was brought into the emergency room. Having a low pain tolerance only worsened his paranoia. But still, he wanted to go out for soccer and he needed a physical. His coach had explain what it was for but didn’t go too much into detail. All Sam could think about was some weird old guy with cold hands touching him all over. “Sam Daniels, Please go to Room 690” He took a deep breath and preceded down the hall. He stopped in front of the door and composed himself, “It’s just a physical.” He walked into the room and sat in the chair by the exam table. After a few minutes of flipping through old mags, the nurse came in and told him to take his shoes and shirt off and to follow her. After he was weighed and measured, she led him back to the room and hung the clipboard on the door.

Family sex video She entered the room and gave him a once over with her large blue-grey eyes. “So you ever had a physical done before?” Sam shook his head and shrugged. “Well I’m Doctor Sarah Lynn, first I will listen to your heartbeat.” Sam shivered slightly as she pressed the cold metal of the stethoscope against his bare chest. Her hands were warm on his back as she listened to his heart. His eyes strayed down to her ample breasts straining against the material of her scrubs. Her cleavage peeked out, giving him a glimpse of her lacy blue cami.
family sex film His dark nipples began to stand erect against his light, coffee colored skin. She draped the stethoscope across her neck and examined his ears, nose and eyes.Her breath against his neck sent goosebumps through his skin. “Okay now I need you to take off your pants and sit on the table for me.” Sam slowly pushed his pants off and climbed onto the bed. His short boxer-briefs hugged his tight ass beautifully and Sarah began to get some evil thoughts swimming through her head. Sam’s arousal was evident in his underwear and he became embarrassed as she looked up from the clipboard and raised an eyebrow. “Now I will examine your genitals for any abnormalities, please lay down and relax”

Sam shook a little as he leaned back against the paper lining. Sarah pulled on some clean gloves and pull his underwear down to his ankles. His cock was thick and 9 inches long. Her guess had been right because his semi hard cock was steadily growing longer and harder as she examined him. “Your penis seems to be healthy,” She Felt his balls in the sack rubbing each one individually,” and your testicles are fine, and symmetrical.” Sam was panting a little and his cock had grown to nearly 12 inches. Her gloved hand stroked his hard cock as she talked. “Have you been sexually active?” Sam blushed as he sat up and shook his head. “Okay now I need you to lean over the side of the table so I can examine your rectum.”
family sex film Sam took a deep breath and slid off the table. He tossed his underwear on the chair with the rest of his clothes and leaned over the table. Sarah spread his soft round cheeks apart and squirted a little lube onto his ass. He tensed up a bit at the cool gel and his ass quivered in anticipation. ” Family sex video I need you to try and relax, okay” Sam bravely shook his head and bit his lip as she inserted a single finger. She dug the tip into the side of his ass and twisted it in a full circle around his rim and pulled it out. “Everything is normal here.” He stood up and turned slightly trying hard to hide his arousal. ” But I can’t let you go with that.” She grabbed his hard cock in squeezed it in her hand. ” I could get into real trouble if you Family sex video walked out of here like that.”

Date: December 18, 2018