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I have not seen her completely nude but her reddish vagina with small pubic hair and ass is still in my mind. I entered college on time and attend my classes, in our lunch break, she meet me near canteen and I stopped looking at her, she smiled and asked…. ” Garry how are you ?

(Garry) fine Elisa, want to meet you in a deserted place

(Elisa) no Garry, I am a married lady and what happened once was a sin for me and now again

(Garry) but Elisa if you love to do it once, what happened now ?. She moved away without giving me reply and I moved inside canteen..

In the evening I moved out of college and went to bus stop to catch bus for my home. I can see Elisa waiting there for bus and I stand there maintaining a distance with her. After a while, she came near me and said…. ” Garry my intention was not to hurt you but

(Garry) but what Elisa, say it

(Elisa) actually I am in need of money, so I behaved with you in an improper manner

(Garry) ok how much money you need, just say me Hot couple sex

(Elisa) I need 5000 rs. And I will return you in a month

(I took out my purse and give her 2000 rs. ) You will get remaining tomorrow. ” And she took money. Now looking at me, she smiled….. “Have you got an hour or more Garry. ” And we both walked towards a deserted path. Looking at me, she hold my wrists and after a walk of 500 metres or so, we both got a park and moved inside..

We are in the back of college premises and there are too many official building. So park is almost deserted, we both sits on grass and looking at me, she smiled…… “Garry this is the place where hot couples can enjoy whole night, you can see people here in official time only…. “. I smiled and hold her in my arms, she is in a long skirt with tops. Now Elisa is on my thigh and she put her lips on my lips, while kissing my lips as well as face she guided her long tongue in my mouth. While sucking Elisa’s tongue my hand is moving on her back. Slowly I pushed my hand in her tops from back and hold her strings of brassieres. Now I removed her brassier and she left my tongue. Her push-up brassier is out of her breasts and I can see it size 34C. Now my hand is on her breast to press it hard and she is kissing my lips..Hot couple sex

Elisa is now standing on grass and while lifting her skirt upto her waist, I started kissing her thighs and my palms are rubbing her ass. She is in fire and her legs started stretching in a opposite direction and I pulled her  Old couple sex Old Classic retro Porn German German xxx video panty down, now her labias as well as vagina is near my mouth and she has clean shaved her vagina. Now my lips are moving on her labias and vagina and she is screaming in joy, she has made her vaginal mouth open while putting her fingers and my tongue is licking her cunt while hands are getting the soft touch of her bum. She has hold my hairs tightly and I took her both labias in between my lips and started sucking it but after 2-3 minutes Elisa pushed my head back to free her vagina..

Its a deserted park and Elisa is now removing my jeans. Lastly my lower parts are nude and I stand in front of a hot lady. She is holding my long penis in her palms and her soft face as well as lips are getting the soft touch of my penile glans. She is smelling its odour and lastly she is sucking my penis like a pro, her head is swinging faster and I thought its time to fuck her glory hole. Elisa is licking my penis and after a while I sits on grass, now ask her to sit on my penis.

Elisa’s cunt is over my penis and she has widened her thighs, her arms are on my shoulder and I have hold her waist, now she is pushing her ass on my dick and I can feel my hot penis in her vagina, 2/3 rd of penis is inside her cunt and I fucked her from below and while sitting on my lap, she is bouncing her ass on my penis to enjoy my penis in her cunt.

I am feeling the weight of her big round dome shaped bum on my dick and now Elisa put her head on my shoulder and started fucking her vagina from below. She is screaming in joy, even her wet pussy have become dry and my penis is roaring in her glory hole, after 10 minutes of fucking, I shouted…….. ” Oohhh Elisa aaahh my cum is oozing…… ” And my penis ejaculated cum in her cunt. We took rest and moved to our home.

Date: December 14, 2018