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outdoor xxx Indian sex outdoor porn videos public sex video bus sex video indian outdoor sex videos This amazing incident happened a few weeks ago in Bangalore. I have a habit of working out and going to gym and swimming. As a daily routine I go to gym for workout but my time is not fixed. One day I went to gym in the morning was a little late. Since there are many flats in our society and I am also new so

I don’t know everyone. There were new faces in the gym as it was not my usual timing. There were 4 ladies all seems to be in mid 30s who were gossiping and working out alternatively. I saw them but didn’t had any conversation with them, anyway it was a bit awkward for me to talk to ladies almost 10 years elder to me. One of them was cute but I was more interested to sex workout and leave.

Outdoor sex video A few days went by and I didn’t got any chance to see those ladies because of the difference in timings. After some days again I happened to go to gym late in the morning because I got up late. As it was weekend, there was no one in the gym everyone was enjoying their sleep I guess. Anyway I was more comfortable working out alone. After about 15 minutes or so one of those 4 ladies arrived and started her cardio. She was not the one which I liked so I had no interest in talking to her and I was busy with my weights. During this time I observed that she was looking at me every now and then through the mirror and admiring my body. I also started observing her eyes. As there was no one else in the gym she was getting bolder in observing me. After some time she literally started staring at my body without any hesitation and this was actually making me horny
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Date: December 23, 2018

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